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Classes Taught: Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, GTA3 (Advanced Math), and Calculus.

Algebra 1 helps the student begin to develop the ability to think logically and abstractly, covering a wide range of topics such as area and volume, two-step equation solving, systems of equations, probability and statistics, graphing, square roots, distance, and various word problems.

Geometry develops relationships involving points, lines, and planes by studying concepts including area and volume, parallel lines, reasoning, transformations, constructions, similar triangles, proofs, and right triangle trigonometry.

Algebra 2 expands on concepts taught in Algebra 1 covering topics of graphing, systems of three equations, abstract equations, word problems, vectors, trigonometry, and the quadratic formula.

GTA3 (Advanced Math) is a broad range class covering Geometry, Trigonometry, and Algebra 3. This class stretches students with a wide variety of topics including matrices, proofs, difficult word problems, abstract thinking, trigonometric relations and graphing, conic sections, probability, and quadratic roots.

Calculus introduces students to a whole new mathematics. This course is a great introduction for any students planning to go into a field of math or science. Topics covered are limits, functions, trigonometry, continuity, area under a curve, derivative, and integral.

Grades (excluding Geometry) are calculated based on:
75% test average
25% homework average

Geometry scores are calculated as:
75% test average,
5% quiz average,
20% homework average.